Kindergarden Sing


For more than 20 years, Ken Cooper has worked with the kindergarten students and teachers at Sacramento area schools performing a guitar – accompanied live singing program geared to enhancing curriculum. He sings weekly with all of the kindergartners to reinforce reading and counting competence, social skills and to provide an opportunity for learning music appreciation. Mr. Cooper also composes original music to augment his program each year.

The Kindergarten Sing program has been developed over this time utilizing Benchmark and Open Court subject matter, learning-related songs such as “Apples and Bananas” and “5 Little Monkeys,” patriotic numbers like “This Land is Your Land,” children’s favorites such as “Take Me Out to the Ball Game,” seasonal tunes like “Jingle Bells,” and other songs selected from the 6 music CDs released by Mr. Cooper. His “songs that teach” music program is directly linked to the California reading standards and the reading standards of the Sacramento City Unified School District. This residency helps children learn to focus on a task and follow directions, while teaching appreciation of live music at the same time.

Mr. Cooper visits each kindergarten group (A.M. and/or P.M.) one day per week for a 1/2 hour session continuing throughout the entire school year.

Cost: $1000 for one class (25 students or less), $1500 for up to 2 classes combined (50 students), once a week for the entire school year.